Fixed price for all coaching plans

For new coaching Athletes from July 2017

Online coaching option that covers all aspects of running training and is great for athletes that seek complete coaching support. Weekly or fortnightly delivered training plans are tailored to your personal needs. Some athletes need focus on improving running technique, others look for ways to improve speed or trail running skills.

Training plans are delivered using Training Peaks platform, which gives a good opportunity to monitor your progress and receive your feedback even after a single session.

Before the commencement of your training, 30 minute Skype call or personal interview will help to establish your long-term training goals. However, plan renewal after each 12-wk training block gives additional opportunity to re-assess training goals.

What can you expect?

Long-term coaching support

Regular communication with your coach

Individualised training plan updates weekly or fortnightly

Advice on training nutrition and recovery

Advice on your race day strategy and nutrition

Individual Strength & Conditioning advice

Free running skills workshops

Fixed price online coaching

Coaching partners